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Can I compare my Google My Business to other businesses?

Helen Barnes -


Yes, you can. We return results for the top 10 local businesses for any search term.

We take these straight from Google My Business profiles. We do a search look-up using the search terms you enter and then return details for the top 10 results.

Each keyword that is added in the report’s settings will have its own tab here. Each tab will give the same types of information for each keyword.

We display a table of the top 10 companies who are ranking for each keyword in your chosen search location.

 The location which is the subject of the report will always be at the top of this list to help you to compare its performance to those in the top 10.

Rank: This shows where the business is ranking for the keyword and search location.

Business Name: This is the business name as it appears on the GMB account.

Verified: This will show a green tick or a red cross depending on if it is a verified GMB account.

Citations: This pulls in citations using Google to identify listings, and performs a real-time lookup of citations each time the report runs. It will not match the Citation Tracker report, as that has a far more complex and dedicated process for identifying citations that uses an extended list of searches, APIs and filters. The Citation Tracker also stores and reuses citations from one report run to the next, rather than performing a fresh citation look-up each time.

Top Citations: This shows the percentage of how many of the citations found are “top citations” which are citations that have more value. You can see more in the Citations Matrix which is the section below.

Links: This shows how many links are found on the website listed under the GMB account. If this is very high it usually means they have connected their Facebook or another social media page. We gather this data through Moz.

Linking Domains: Total linking root domains count taken from Moz.

Website Authority: Authority score is similar to ‘Page Rank’. This score is a measure of the ‘rankabillity’ of a website that considers over 150 different SEO signals. The higher the Authority score the higher the potential ranking of a website.

 Majestic C-Flow: Citation-Flow is a link-related score provided by MajesticSEO. It is calculated based on the volume of inbound links that a site has; more links = higher C-Flow score.

Review Count: This is the number of reviews found under this GMB listing.

Star Rating: This is the average star rating of reviews under the GMB listing.

Photos: Number of photos found against the GMB listing.

Categories: The main category under the GMB listing.

 If needed you can filter out any of these columns by clicking the ‘Columns’ dropdown menu.


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