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What are Pending Citations and how do they work?

Mathew Coghlan -


Your Pending Citations list is a useful tool to help you keep track of your Citation building activities. Pending Citations are listings that you have manually submitted to 3rd party websites or directories but are not yet ‘Active’. These can include citation sites that you found on your ‘Potential Citations’ list and submitted to; or you can add your own citations to the Pending list.

Pending Citations work by helping you keep track of your citation activity. If you submit to a site which appears on the ‘Potential’ list you can move it to the pending list so you know that you’ve tackled that site – and don’t repeat the task (you’d be surprised by how many people do!). You can move each site by clicking on the ‘Update Status’ link and changing the status to ‘Pending’. You can also move Citations to the ‘Active Citation’ list in the same way.

Pending citations update whenever the report is run, depending on which you have chosen this will be on a weekly, monthly or adhoc basis.

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