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How to create an Agency Lead Generator widget

Helen Barnes -


In this guide, we will be explaining how to create an Agency Lead Generator widget.


1) Initial Setup
2) Widget settings
        a) Widget Text
        b) Widget Color
        c) Widget Style
3) Lead Contact Fields
4) Report Settings
5) White-Label Profile
6) Email Notifications
        a) Emails to you
        b) Emails to your Leads
7) Save and create the widget code

1) Initial Setup

 To create your widget click the ‘Agency Leads’ button in the top bar menu. 

We recommend watching the short video before you begin.

2) Widget Settings

Click on the ‘Widget Settings’ tab.

At first, you’ll see examples of the different ways the responsive widget can look, as it is scalable to fit your site.

If you click the different layouts on the right-hand side you will see the different kinds of the widget.  

 You can now start customizing the widget. As you change the text, colors, and style, you will see the widget example dynamically changing above, so you can see what it will look like with your selected changes.

a) Widget Text

Here you can edit all the different spaces for text.

Use the different fields to change the text, and see the example widget above update as you make changes. Each field does have a character limit to keep it short, simple and effective. Some text is pre-filled, so if you are happy with the wording you don’t need to update anything!


Title: This is the larger main text to entice your customers

Benefits Text: A short snippet for more information on the feature

Instructions: It's good to have a short line to advise the customer what to do - we allow you to edit this too.

Field Placeholder text: You can edit the wording where the field is auto-filled

Button Label: Here you can change what the button says

b) Widget Colors

Here you can select the colors. You can input your exact brand color by inputting either a hex code or RGB code, or click the color block to select a color.

c) Widget Style

Widget Style: This changes the background design from gradient to flat depending on your preference

Button Style: This changes the shape of the button

Font Family: You can select a different font here

Show Icon: This will show or hide the graph icon

Add Button Shadow: You can choose to add shadow to the button here

Widget Code: This is where you find the code to add to your website, however, it won’t be shown until your settings have been saved.

3) Lead Contact Fields

Select the fields that your leads must fill in. 

You may not deselect Name or Email because this information is vital for any sales lead.

4) Report Sections

The free report we provide to leads is a Local Search Audit report. There are different sections on this report and you can decide which sections to include.  To learn more about this report: Check out our Local Search Audit section of the Help Center.

5) White-Label Profile

You can select your white-label profile (for the Local Search Audit report and email) here. Learn more: Read our white-label section in the Help Center.

6) Email Notifications

You can set up email notifications for yourself and control what is sent out to your new customer/lead.

a) Emails to you

You can set up email alerts to be sent every time a new lead is pulled in. You can add up to 5 email addresses so these leads are fully covered by your team.

b) Emails to your Leads

Here you can control the emails to the new customers/leads. When your leads create a report, they will see it on screen and will also get the report link emailed to them.

You may write the content that will appear in the email. The email’s branding, style, and settings will be taken from the white-label profile you have selected above.

You can see a preview of the email on the right-hand side and this updates dynamically as you make changes.

7) Save and create the widget code

Once you are happy with the widget style, report settings, and the email setup you can click the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the page.

 You will then see a message to let you know the creation of the widget was successful.

The widget code will now be available:

You can copy the code and place this on your website where you would like to display the widget.


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