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API Overview

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We have a full set of APIs which enable you to develop your own tools and services without the headache of managing the complex report generation process.

Our set of modular APIs can be used to -

  • Pull raw data into your own CRM system
  • Power your own SEO tools on your site
  • Pull report data into your own reporting dashboard
  • Our APIs are super powerful but very easy to use. We offer technical support to help you get up & running quickly and to provide best practice advice to your developers.

Our APIs can be used for private internal use or open-access commercial use – the price is the same!

SEO data at your fingertips

The table below contains a full list of the data which is available via our APIs. The APIs are modular so you can pull back different pieces of data and compile them into the reports & services which you want.


Local SEO Data Detail More Information
Organic search engine rankings  Identify search rankings for your website address (URL) in Google / Yahoo / Bing More about ourSearch Rankings API
Local search engine rankings Identify your local search rankings within Google My Business /  Yahoo Local / Bing Local More about ourSearch Rankings API
SEO citations (for client) Identify active citations for a client/business More about our SEO Citations API
SEO citations (for competitors) Identify potential citation opportunities (determined from citations of top local competitors) More about our SEO Citations API
Local directory NAP information

Identify listings on top 20+ local directories – get essential NAP data from local directory listings. NAP = Name, Address, Phone number

More about our Local Directory API
Local directory listing information Identify listings on top 20+ local directories – get data such as listing URL, if listing is claimed, review count and star rating More about our Local Directory API
Google My Business profile information Run Google+ look-up to identify data for clients & competitors. Get listing URL, if listing is verified, is there a description, photo count, review count, score and list of categories. More about ourGoogle+ API
Social media usage & profile Identify if a business has a listing on Facebook & twitter. Extract profile data such as number of likes, tweets, last tweet content, date of last tweet N/A
Offsite SEO information Get data on number of inbound links (backlinks), domain authority, domain age and hosting location N/A

Use the API to control your BrightLocal Dashboard

As well as returning raw data our APIs can also be used to control your BrightLocal account. This enables you to manage your data in just 1 place (your CRM system) and then update your BrightLocal admin console automatically.

Clients – add / edit / delete clients
Local Search Rank Checker – add / update / delete reports
Citation Tracker – add / edit / delete reports
Citation Builder – view & retrieve report results

API pricing

Access to the API is available for customers on our SEO Pro plan only. Customers on our Single Business or MultiBiz plans do not have access to the API and will need to upgrade to a higher account to use the API.

API fees are in addition to your monthly package costs. API usage is charged on a per request basis and the costs vary depending on the API request made & the data returned (why? some API requests return small amounts of data while others return a lot)

Price range per API request = $0.01 – $0.50

Development API key

We will issue you with a development API key which can be used to access all our APIs. We will also issue you with some free API credits so that you can develop a solution without paying for the development phase.

Want to know more about our White Label API tools? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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