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API Overview

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We provide a suite of APIs that allow you to get valuable SEO data that you can use in your own platform.

There are two methods to get data from our APIs: Account APIs and Live Data (Batch) APIs. Read more about both below to see what suits your needs:

Account APIs

The Account APIs are self-managed, allowing you to manage reports and locations inside your BrightLocal account. 

Through these APIs, you can complete 2 main tasks:

  1.  Pull data out of your BrightLocal reports
  2. Edit report and location settings inside your account

This API method is completely free to use on our SEO Pro Plan. 

You can read more in our API Documentation.

Live Data (Batch) APIs

Our Live Data APIs enable you to pull raw data on request without setting up any reports in your BrightLocal.

These APIs are more cost effective at scale and give more flexibility as you’re in complete control of schedule and the specific data points you want to pull.

 These APIs can return data for: 

  1. Reviews
  2. Rankings
  3. Citations
  4. Offsite SEO
  5. Social Data  

You get 1000 free trial requests to try out these APIs.

If you want to continue using these APIs after your trial credits then we’ll require a custom agreement for the Live Data APIs, and are charged per request. Charges vary based on the data that is required. You can see more details on pricing plans.

Contact our Enterprise team to find out more about our Live Data APIs.

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