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API Documentation

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We provide a suite of APIs that enable you to get valuable SEO-related data that you can use in your own reports, tools and import into your CRM system. 

There are 2 methods to get data through our APIs - 

1. Raw Data APIs

You can query APIs to get fresh, real-time data that you store and use in your own tools/reports/application. We handle all the data processing and return the data for you to store and use.

This method incurs a per-request charge. Charges vary depending on the data that you want; here are some indicative prices - 

  • Ranking data - $0.01 per ranking request (1 KW on 1 Search Engine)
  • Review data - $0.05 per review request (all reviews on 1 review site)
  • Listing/NAP data - $0.05 per request (NAP data from 1 site) 

To discuss options and pricing please contact our Enterprise Team - enterprise@brightlocal.com 


2. Report Management APIs

You can also use our APIs to set-up, edit & manage reports in your BrightLocal account. Customers typically use this when they want to run full reports in their account, benefit from our report scheduling system and then extract the full results for use in the CRM system.

This use of the API doesn't incur additional costs. You need to have an active account which has a report allowance. 

API Documentation

See full API documentation for our APIs here -  https://apidocs.brightlocal.com/

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