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What are Potential Citations and how are they gathered?

Helen Barnes -


Potential Citations are citations that you don’t have but your competitors do.


To gather Potential Citations, we first gather your Active Citations. Click here to for more information on Active Citations and how they're gathered.

We then identify the top five ranked businesses within Google Local Finder for your ‘business type’ and ‘location’ (i.e. your top five local competitors). We use their business name and postal code to find their citations.


Next, we collate the citation sites we find and remove any duplicate sites. This gives us a clean list of sites that your competitors are listed on.

We then remove your Active Citations from that list to give us a clean list of Potential Citations for you to go after and add your business to.

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    As a small business operator and not an seo or marketing professional, Bright Local has been wonderful in educating me to the tools available and how to make the most of them. Many thanks!


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