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Why is some text displayed in red on my Citation Tracker report?

Helen Barnes -


The red text on the Citation Tracker report highlights any data discovered on existing listings that is inconsistent with data provided to us when the report was created. We do this to make it easier for you to spot the data that needs to be updated.


Here's a bit of background on this:

In the table on the 'Top Citations' tab in your Citation Tracker report, we compare the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) found on your listing with the data you provided to us when you created the report.

We compare three elements of business NAP:

  • Business name
  • Zipcode (aka Postal Code)
  • Telephone number

If we identify that the data on an existing listing is different to the data you provided to us, we display it in a red font so it’s easier for you to spot. These differences should be corrected to ensure that all your citations are consistent and correct.

Can I fix these issues through my Citation Tracker report?

Unfortunately not, because this report isn’t directly connected to those listings. It’s simply an audit report of the information that we found on the listings.

So, how do I fix these issues?

There are two options:

1. Fix them yourself directly on the directories. You can do this by visiting the citation directly from your report by clicking the 'View Citation' icon in the 'Actions' column. You can then manually claim and edit the listing directly on the citation site, and update any data that is incorrect. To find out more about organizing your citations please click here 

2. Create a Citation Builder campaign and we’ll fix them for you! Just click on the pink 'Create Citation Campaign' button at the top of your report, purchase a campaign, and our expert citation submission team will take care of your edits and submissions for you. (Each listing updated or created costs US $3.)

Click here to learn more about our Citation Builder service.

Why don’t you compare the 'street' part of the address?

There are two reasons that we don’t auto-compare street addresses as part of this report:

1. It’s very complicated to compare street addresses. Different sites display address information in different ways, which makes it hard to compare like-for-like. It’s also not 100% critical for your address to be the same. Google is intelligent enough to understand differences such as 'Street' vs 'St', 'Suite' vs '#' and so on, so it’s not essential to have a 100% match on your street addresses.

2. We don’t ask users to enter street address on their Citation Tracker report because we don’t use street address to locate listings. Because of this we don’t have this address data to compare against.

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