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Do I need to include a location or geo modifier within my search term?

Helen Barnes -


Using the Local Search Rank Checker, you do not need to include a geo-modifier to get localized rankings.

What is a location modifier/geo-modifier?

An example of using a location/geo-modifier in a keyword is this:

'plumber in chicago'.

'chicago' is the geo-modifer.

The reason for including a geo-modifer is to localize the search results down to a specific area, as opposed to simply searching for 'plumbers' across the whole of the country.

With Local Search Rank Checker, you don't need to do this, as you'll set a search location for your report.

Setting a Search Location in your Report

1) In Local Search Rank Checker, click the 'Actions' dropdown, then 'Edit Report'.
2) In the 'Search Settings' section, enter your search location in 'Set your Search Location (Google & Bing only)'
3) Click 'Verify Location' to finish the process


This Search Location is then set on the search engine so that the search results are localized.

This approach works for all Google and Bing search engines, but not for Yahoo!.

Click here to find out how we set Search Location.

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