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Can I compare current rankings with my previous, ‘historical’ rankings?

Mathew Coghlan -


Yes you can. If you schedule a report to update each week or month then the Rank Checker will store your past positions for comparison against future rankings. The results table has a column marked ‘Last'; this is where we show your position from your last ranking report. We will also display a green arrow, orange disc or red arrow to show if your ranking has gone up, stayed the same or has gone down respectively.

The default setting is to take the ‘Last’ rankings from your previous scheduled report. If you run an ad-hoc report in-between your scheduled report dates, the rankings returned in this ad-hoc report will not be used as the ‘Last’ rankings in your next schedule report.

You can manually change the report criteria to monitor changes between ad-hoc and scheduled reports. 

In essence all comparisons are week to week or month to month. All previous rankings reports (Scheduled and Ad-Hoc) are saved within your ‘Report History’ which is accessed via your Local Search Rank Checker page within the Admin Console – Historical rank tracking and saving of reports is only available to customers who have signed-up for one of our Packages – View Packages & Prices here.

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