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Citation Builder Overview

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What local Citations are and why are they important

Citations are online business listings that appear on the internet. They contain practical information about a business such as the address, phone number, description, list of services, opening hours, link to website and more (or less depending on the citation site).

Citations aren’t links but they can contain a link to the business website.

These listings can appear on many types of sites including online directories, review sites, event sites and even news and blog sites – otherwise known as ‘citation sites’.

Citations have value in local SEO and can improve ranking in local search engines such as Google Local/Maps. Search engines like Google look at the data displayed on citation sites to confirm the data it holds about a business. The more Google can confirm the data it holds, the more confidence it has about the location and services provided by the business. Which in turn can boost the ranking of the business in local search results.

How can Citation Builder Help?

Citation Builder is a service from BrightLocal which helps businesses take control of their business data online to ensure it is complete, accurate and widely displayed.

Through Citation Builder a business (or agency working on behalf of a client) can:

  1. Submit data to create new listings on websites they are not listed on
  2. Claim listings that already exist and update the data on those listings
  3. Remove harmful duplicate listings from sites

We provide two types of submissions that can be purchased through Citation Builder:

a) Manual Submissions 

Our team of citation submission experts create or update your citations by hand on the directories and sites we submit to. Each campaign is handled by one agent and overseen by a manager. They manually claim existing listings, create new listings and handle all email verifications.

All listings are reviewed and approved by a manager ensuring a very high level of quality in all campaigns.

We submit or update data for over 60,000 sites for 2,000 businesses every month.

All submissions are completed within five days of campaigns being paid-for. You can select how many sites we manually submit to, and also handpick the sites that are used on a campaign- giving you complete control.

We have a database of over 1400 directories, review sites and events sites, including niche sites for 40 different industries and local sites for hundreds of towns, cities and states.

To find out more about our pricing please click here

b) Data Aggregator Submissions

We submit data to the Data Aggregators by API connection or via a custom dashboard.

Data Aggregators lease the data they have to other companies such as online directories, review sites and mobile apps. This creates citations for businesses in bulk and on a wide set of sites. This data can then be updated in bulk through the data aggregators.

We pay the aggregators to be able to submit data to them and benefit from the wide network of sites that they distribute data to.

There are four main aggregators in the US (which carry data about USA based businesses) and just 1 for other countries.

Through Citation Builder you can submit to one, some or all four data aggregators.

To find out the cost of the Data Aggregators please click here


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