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Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview

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Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview

Staying on top of your business’s online reputation is a time-consuming and never-ending pursuit. You need to respond to reviews in a timely manner, spot trends within the feedback, and address issues that are negatively impacting your reputation. On top of that, you also need to be generating new reviews to help attract customers and stay ahead of the competition.

For big agencies and multi-location businesses, it becomes even more impossible when you are managing hundreds or thousands of locations - which is where the Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview comes in. It is designed to manage all this for multi-location businesses as well as marketers with many clients who are unsure which locations need attention.  

The Enhanced Overview for Reputation Manager shows key metrics on each location so you can quickly understand how each location is performing, what’s changed, and what needs attention. These include total and recent review counts, top sources, recent rating change, and the average rating.

Six ways you’ll benefit from the Enhanced Overview

  1. See the big picture

The Enhanced Overview will aggregate all your review data for each location across every major review site in a single dashboard. Understanding brand reputation at scale has never been easier.

  1. Create leaderboards

You can rank your best performing locations based on what’s important to you. Understand what’s driving success so that you can feed it into your overall strategy.

  1. Spot trends faster

You can quickly see which locations have seen a big shift in reputation since your previous report. Now you can quickly react to wider issues that could be harming a location’s reputation.

  1. Save time

Having all of your data in one place will save countless hours lost to gathering and analyzing data across multiple review sites. By using the Enhanced Overview you can spend less time doing manual data analysis and more time discovering insights and positively impacting your reputation.

  1. Prioritize your efforts

You can use filters to hone in on the locations that need some love. These could be locations with a low average review rating or those lacking reviews compared to other locations.

  1. Measure campaign success

If you have recently run a review generation campaign the Enhanced Overview will show how many new reviews you’ve gained for each location, the campaign NPS score, and how that’s impacted the average rating.

To find out how to set up and use this function please read this guide.

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