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How to understand and use Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview

Helen Barnes -


In this overview, we’ll explain how to understand the results and use the Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview. To find out what this area of the tool can do for you check out this guide.


 1) Getting Started

2) General Overview

3) Columns

4) Filtering 

1) Getting Started

You do not need to create or set up the ‘Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview’ page. Once you have added a Reputation Manager report to your BrightLocal account you will see the data all in one place when you click ‘Reputation Manager’ in the top menu.


2) General Overview

On the overview page, you can see your list of ‘Monitor Reviews’ reports. Here it highlights all the important factors of each report in columns. These include total and recent reviews count, top sources, recent rating change, and the average rating. At a quick glance, you can see the overview of each report. Each column can be filtered and you can create new reports from this page and view or delete existing reports.



3) Columns

Here we’ll explain each column of the list of reports and how to use them.


Report: This shows the report name with the location name underneath, allowing you to easily and quickly spot what location it is - the two arrows at the top allow you to change the order to alphabetical order.


Report run: This shows the date the report was last run as well as the schedule. Here you can easily see if anything is set to the wrong schedule. The two arrows at the top allow you to change the order to the most recent.


Reviews: This shows the number of reviews in total. The two arrows at the top allow you to change the order from highest to lowest.


Recent: This shows reviews in the last 30 days only. The two arrows at the top allow you to change the order from highest to lowest.


Top Sources: This shows the top five sources of reviews for this location. Grayed-out icons meant that the review site has been filtered out in the Filter settings.


Avg. Rating: This has worked out the average rating of all the reviews combined on the report. The two arrows at the top allow you to change the order from low to high.


Rating Change: This shows whether there has been any change in average star rating between the last two report runs. You can use the two arrows at the top to change the order from highest to lowest.


Actions: Here you can click ‘View’ to see the report, or the dropdown to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ the report.

4) Filtering

Here we’ll explain how to use the filtering on this page so you can view certain data.

Click the ‘Filter’ dropdown button and you’ll see a box appear with various checkboxes.


You can scroll within this dropdown box and there is a section for each filtering option.

Rating change: Here you can filter to only view locations that have seen an average star rating change between the last two report runs. You also have the option for ‘No change’ if you are not focused on this for your filtering.

Average Rating:  Here you can select the range of average star ratings that you’d like to filter the locations by.

Total number of reviews: Here you can input the total number of reviews if you need to see a certain amount of reviews.

Review sources: Here you can filter by one or more specific review sites.

Once you are happy with the selected filtering you can click the ‘Apply Filters’ buttons to see the results on the Reputation Manager Enhanced Overview page. Note that the filter only applies to the locations listed on the page. No data will change based on filtering.


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