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How is a Citation Builder campaign delivered?

Helen Barnes -


In this overview, we’ll explain each stage of the process of a Citation Builder campaign.

The process consists of four stages and the whole campaign’s duration is 6 to 7 weeks on average. 

Phase 1: Preliminary Data Checks (Day 0-7)

Once you have purchased and paid for the campaign it is added to our workflow and we will start running our preliminary data checks. This happens within the first seven days (0-7 days).

We take the data that you have provided us with about your client or business and we cross-check the information on both their website and their Google My Business profile and make sure that the name, address, and phone number are consistent with the data provided in the campaign setup process.

We do this before we submit anything as it is easier to spot any potential inconsistencies before we start submitting rather than doing it later. Therefore, we run this check first to ensure that all data is consistent and we are publishing accurate data about the business.

If we find any inconsistencies during these checks, a member of our Citation Builder team will reach out to you to flag the discrepancy and confirm with you which data should be submitted.

By reaching out to you directly before submissions have started we prevent any inconsistency issues from occurring.

Phase 2: Submission (Day 7-14)

Once we are happy that the data is consistent, we then enter our submission phase. This happens between days 7 and 14.

During this stage, we update the existing citations or create new ones from the list of sites that you have selected.

One agent will handle all submissions for a campaign. We find that this works very well in terms of delivering certain nuances around a campaign. Therefore, you know you are in good hands in terms of who is submitting the data.

Phase 3: Quality Assurance (Day 14)

The next stage is our first round of quality assurance. This typically happens around day 14.

During this stage, one of our Senior Submission Managers will go to your campaign and individually check each citation that we have either updated or created for you. 

This means that another set of eyes will be checking the submissions to really make sure that there are no consistency issues. 

Any potential issues, if found, are quickly corrected. That does not happen often but is nonetheless an important backup step to ensure that the data we publish for you is 100% consistent.

At this stage, we also check and complete all of the email verification links on your behalf, so that you do not need to worry about managing those.

Phase 4: Live Listing Review (Days 35 and 49)

The next phase that your campaign enters is the live listing review check.

Certain sites will produce an instant live listing when you submit data to them. Therefore, in some cases, they may even go live on day 14.

Other directories have a longer and more stringent vetting process, where they need to check the data manually, but they may have a backlog that they need to work through before they can publish the listing.

Because of this, the Live Listing Review stage happens two weeks after we initially submit the data, and then once again two weeks after that. This happens twice because some sites will do it within two weeks after the submission, and other sites may take four weeks or even longer.

After four weeks we will have a complete campaign report where you will be able to see all of the live links and all of the updated citations that we have built for you.

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