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Can I bulk upload locations?

Helen Barnes -


 It is easy to upload locations in bulk through BrightLocal, saving you time to focus on monitoring and reporting. 

To begin a bulk upload simply navigate to the ‘Clients and Locations’ dashboard within your account and select ‘Add Location(s)’.

 There are now two options; a bulk import through Google My Business or through a CSV file. If you have Google My Business access you will need to select ‘Import GMB Locations’.

Within the GMB location panel, you will need to select the business you are importing, wait for the locations to fetch and then go ahead with selection to complete your bulk GMB import. 

If you would prefer to import your locations in bulk through a CSV file, select this link in the location import panel. 

You will then need to download a Location upload or Client upload template and complete the required fields.

Use the ‘Instructions for setting up CSV’ table to guide you through the correct data for each field in the template.

Once you have completed the template, simply select the ‘Upload Clients’ or ‘Upload Locations’ button to complete your import. 


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