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How to Set Up a Get Reviews campaign

Myles Anderson -


In this guide, we’ll be explaining how to create a Get Reviews campaign.


1) Create or select a Get Reviews template

   a. select template 

   b. create new template

   c. general settings

   d. NSP Slider

2) Select review sites

3) Upload list of contacts

1) Create or select a Get Reviews template

Click on the Get Reviews tab on your Reputation Manager report.


There are two ways to create/select a template, depending on whether you already have created template or not.

 a. select template

If you already have existing templates you will see a dropdown. Select the template you want to use for this campaign. You can select the existing template from the dropdown. If you select the 'Duplicate' dropdown you can either duplicate the template (and then make edits) or edit that existing one, or delete a template you no longer need.


   b. create template

If you have not created a template before then you will see the 'Get Started' button which you need to click. If you have already created a template but want to make another one from scratch You will have the option to select the 'Create New Template' button.



   c. general settings

You are taken to a 'General Settings' section to start creating your campaign.

Here you can name your template, add your logo, and select the review sites you want to direct users to and select the NPS score.


Template name: Here you can give this template a name so you can reuse it for other locations.


Upload Logo: Here you can select 'Add Files' button to upload a picture of your logo. Or simply drag files into the box. If no logo is uploaded, we will display the business name instead.

  d. NSP Slider

Next you'll see the NPS Slider under 'Set your Feedback (NPS) Score.

When we contact people to ask them to review this business, they will select a feedback score (0-10: 0 = terrible; 10 = amazing). We use the NPS (Net Promoter Score) approach for determining customer satisfaction.

Use the slider below to set what’s considered a ‘positive score’ threshold for this location. This will be used to differentiate between a Promoter and a Detractor when setting up your campaign.


Once you are happy with the settings on this page click next at the bottom of right hand corner for the next step.

   e. Email Settings

Next you'll see the email settings page where you can draft up the email messages to prompt people to review this location.email_settings.png


On the right you can see a preview of what your email will look like with the current settings. If you want to edit the email text or settings please switch to Edit mode below.


Then you'll see edit options to edit the email.


Email Subject: Here you can input your own wording for the subject of the email. You can use {{BusinessName}} as a placeholder in your email subject. {{BusinessName}} will be taken from ‘Reviews & Ratings’ report settings.

Email Introductory text: Here is the edit box for the email. You can use {{FirstName}} and {{BusinessName}} as a placeholder in your email text. {{FirstName}} will be taken from the CSV file. {{BusinessName}} will be taken from ‘Reviews & Ratings’ report settings. You also have basic formatting abilities such as bold, italic, bullet points, hyperlinks etc.


Email sign-off text: Here you can input the email sign off if needed. (this is optional) Again you can use {{FirstName}} and {{BusinessName}} as a placeholder in your email text. {{FirstName}} will be taken from the CSV file. {{BusinessName}} will be taken from ‘Reviews & Ratings’ report settings. You also have basic formatting abilities such as bold, italic, bullet points, hyperlinks etc.

Next is the 'Legal Content'. This information is required to be displayed in the email footer as part of our Terms and Conditions that are enforced by anti-spam law. You must include your contact information inside every email campaign that you send, including a physical mailing address or PO Box where you can receive mail. (Not a website or email address)



2) Select review sites

You can hand-pick the sites that you want your contacts to write reviews on. There are over 200 sites that you can choose from, but we allow a maximum of 3 sites per campaign - any more than 3 and you give customers too much choice and risk overwhelming them.

  • If you want to get reviews on more sites you can swap them from one campaign to the next.

3) Upload list of contacts


Contacts are imported by CSV. You need to confirm that you have the right to contact these people.


And then click to confirm to start sending emails to your contacts.


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