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Do I need to verify data with Data Aggregators after submission using Citation Builder?

Helen Barnes -


Each Data Aggregator has their own approach to verification. Here is an overview of what to expect when we submit to the aggregators on your behalf:

Neustar and Factual

These Data Aggregators do not require additional verification and accept the data we provide to them.


To create a new listing, Acxiom does not require additional verification and accepts the data we provide to them, but if there is an existing listing for the business, then verification is required and these steps need to be followed:

1) BrightLocal will create a new account on Acxiom

2) BrightLocal will ask the customer to log in to the account

3) Customer will call the phone number displayed in their account from their business telephone number

4) Acxiom auto-detects the phone number and approves the account

5) BrightLocal will log in and manage* the listing for the custom

*Managing an existing listing on Acxiom requires us to delete the existing listing and create a new one with the data we have.


Submitting business data to Infogroup requires verification from the business location. Infogroup performs this through phone verification or using information on the business website.

Within seven days of us submitting data to Infogroup, Infogroup will call the number of the business that we provide to them. They will attempt to call the business three times; if they are not able to speak to anyone, then they will attempt to confirm details via the business website.

If you choose to submit to Infogroup you should expect a phone call within 7 days; the call will be placed from this phone number so you know it is Infogroup calling: 800-794-1404

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