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Why has the Data Aggregators changed the business address?

Helen Barnes -


For some Citation Builder submissions, the Data Aggregators will modify the address information we submit to them. They do this based on data they get from USPS (US Postal Service). The Data Aggregators are closely tied to the USPS records and pull fresh data via the USPS API to ensure they have the latest data. The aggregators defer to the USPS database as their point of truth and we are not able to overrule this (which we find very frustrating because we want to submit the data that customers give us).

City & Zipcode matching

Sometimes the Data Aggregators will not accept the city and zipcode combination we provide to them. They will suggest an alternative city for that zipcode based on data they get from USPS.

For example:

If we submit a listing for a business based in zipcode XXXXX, New York, NY, the Data Aggregator may suggest an alternative match of XXXXX, Buffalo, NY.

Address Details & Formatting

Data Aggregators follow the standardized addresses provided by the USPS. When we submit a business to the aggregators they cross-check against USPS records. If USPS returns a matching business but with a different address, the Data Aggregators will use the USPS approved address.

This can be as simple as changing the suite number or it could be the formatting of the whole street address – it depends on the data held by USPS.

To overcome this, we advise customers to check the address details held by USPS and to update it if it is incorrect.

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