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How to understand a Get Reviews campaign

Helen Barnes -


In this overview we explain how to understand the results of your completed ‘Get Reviews’ campaign.


1) 'Feedback Score' chart

2) 'Feedback Funnel' chart

3) ‘Email Campaigns’ table

      a) Individual campaigns table

Once you have created your ‘Get Reviews’ campaign (click here for more information on how to do this), you’ll see the screen below.


There are two ways to locate your campaign within Reputation Manager, and they depend on whether you are currently within a ‘Location’. If you are, just click on the star in the left-hand menu. Otherwise, click ‘Reputation Manager’ in the top menu to head there.


Click the ‘Get Reviews’ tab to see the campaigns you have run.


1) 'Feedback Score' chart

On the left-hand side, you’ll see the Feedback Score (NPS) NPS_section.png

NPS is a commonly-used system for gauging the satisfaction of customers. It asks customers to state how likely they would be to recommend a business to their friends and family.

Users select an answer between 0-10 (0=not likely, 10=very likely) and an overall NPS score is calculated. A positive score is good (1 to 100), a negative score is bad (-1 to -100). Learn more about how NPS works here.


Here you’ll see the NPS Meter, which shows on a dial the score of this particular location, and which contains all the location’s campaign’s feedback. If you are seeing this in an individual email campaign you will see these changes to match that particular campaign. (You’ll know if its an individual campaign as it will say the date of the campaign at the top.)


Next to the meter you have your score of Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. You’ll see how many you have for each. 

2) 'Feedback Funnel' chart


Next to this is the 'Feedback Funnel' chart. This shows you the results of interactions with the emails sent out so you can see how many people clicked, left a review, or just opened the email.


3) Email Campaigns Table

 Under this you’ll see the Email Campaigns table. This shows the list of the campaigns sent out. You can send as many campaigns as you’d like for one location. Here you can also see the individual results for NPS score and interactions with email (for example, whether a review was left). feedback_recieved.png

To make another email campaign, simply click the ‘Get more reviews’ button here:


To see the individual email campaign, please look at the Email Campaign table. It will have the date sent as the first column. Find the campaign you wish to view and click the ‘View’ button under ‘Actions’. actions_view_button.png

a) Individual campaigns table

Once you are in a particular Email Campaign, you’ll know as the title will show and the NPS Meter and Feedback Funnel will alter for this particular campaign.


The table will also alter to show you the feedback. You’ll see each customer’s name, email, date sent and their NPS score. You’ll also see the feedback they wrote and a ‘Click to Review’ column showing the review site logo.

You can download all this feedback as a .csv file by clicking the ‘CSV’ button.


If you have a lot of feedback to look through and want to target a certain NPS score you can click the NPS dropdown and filter the table.


To leave this campaign and go back to the overall stats of every ‘Get Reviews’ campaign, click the cross in the top-right hand corner.



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