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How long does it take for my listings to be updated through Data Aggregator submissions using Citation Builder?

Helen Barnes -


Approximate Timeline

 We aim to submit the business data to the aggregators within five days from the moment of purchase (see below on what can affect this). Here are the approximate timelines for how quickly the aggregators will process and update the business information: 

Acxiom - 2 weeks after we submit the data

Infogroup - it varies and can take anything between one day up to one month. It really depends on whether the data needs to be verified by their support staff or not. If the data already exists in their database - updates should go live pretty quick. If the data is brand new, Infogroup will call the business to verify it first. As this is done manually by their staff timeframes here vary.

Neustar - provided there are no issues with the data it should go live almost right away.

Factual - we submit the data to Factual via one of their Trusted Data Partners. Factual then aims to process this data within 6 to 8 weeks.

When can it take longer than five days for BrightLocal to push data to aggregators?

As part of our aggregator submission service, we verify the accuracy of each business's Name, Address, and Phone number before we push to the aggregators. 

We do this cross-checking of the data provided to us against Google My Business profile and website of the business. By checking the Name, Address, Phone, and URL against these two sources we ensure that we only publish the most complete and accurate business location data for our customers. 

If we find the data you've provided to us doesn't match across these sources, we will contact you to confirm the data. This can cause a delay to your submission as we will wait for your reply before we proceed with submission.

How soon does business data start appearing as listings on publisher sites within the aggregator network?

Some publishers fetch data from the aggregators every week whilst others may only fetch and use new data once a month or even once a year. 

The aggregators sell this data to the publishers and there is no contractual requirement for the publishers to use it within a specific timeframe. Good publishers will update their data regularly while some will only do it periodically. 

Once the publishers have the updated data they will complete their own data-comparison versus the existing data they hold before they update their database and publish it.

These delays can be frustrating (we all want things to happen 'today' right?!) but they can't be avoided. 

Please be assured that your data will make it out to the end sites/apps/GPS services. Publishers are businesses that pay the aggregators for this data, so it’s not in their interest to pay for it and then ignore it.


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