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Can I receive email alerts for new reviews?

Helen Barnes -


Yes. you can set up a Monitor Review report to alert you when a new review is found. 

When you set up your report you have two options for when you get notified:

When your report has finished updating

  • This depends on how often you choose to run a report - daily*, weekly or monthly
  • We email you even if you don't have any new reviews

When we find new reviews

  • This could be when a report has finished and we found at least 1 new review
  • Or, if you connect your Google or Facebook account to your Reputation Manager report, then we scan for reviews every day and will alert you if we find any new reviews 


 *If you want daily review monitoring on for ALL sites you need to purchase an addon plan. This costs $99/month and gives you daily review monitoring on all your locations.

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