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Does the 'Get Reviews' process use review gating?

Helen Barnes -


Short answer - No, we don't use review gating* within our Get Reviews service.

Long answer - When we contact your clients or customers and ask them to rate your service, we funnel them into either a 'Positive' feedback flow or a 'Negative' feedback flow.

The key thing to note here is that they have the option to leave a review for your business in both flows. We do not remove the option to leave a review if the customer is reporting a negative experience.

Positive Feedback Flow

Users are asked to provide feedback on their experience and then shown links out to the review sites that you select.


Negative Feedback Flow

Users are asked to provide feedback on their experience.


Businesses can select to thank/apologize to customers by offering them a special offer voucher.


And users are then shown the links out to review sites that you select with a special offer voucher visible if you enabled it in the template settings. These are the same review sites that customers in the Positive flow see.



*What is Review gating?

Review gating is a practice whereby businesses pre-screen their customers and only ask customers who give them positive feedback to write a review on a public review site. The practice of review gating is prohibited by Google and Yelp and generally considered a bad practice. Businesses that are found to use review gating can have their reviews removed or the profile suspended.

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