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What can I do if my Google reviews are not displayed on Reputation Manager?

Helen Barnes -


If you are having issues with your report not displaying google reviews its likely because you have not connected your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Benefits of connecting your GMB listing to Reputation Manager

  1. We check for new reviews every day and alert you (once a day) to any new reviews you get
  2. You get all your reviews pulled into your Reputation Manager account, not just the most recent 500 reviews*
  3. You can reply directly to Google reviews from your Reputation Manager report

*If you don't connect your GMB profile we only pull in the newest/latest 500 reviews. This is because we scrape these reviews rather than access them by the official GMB API

How do I connect my GMB profile to Reputation Manager?

There are 4 steps to connecting your GMB profile to your Reputation Manager report:

1. Click on Google icon (top left) and click to connect GMB Account



2. You get taken to edit report page and you need to click on 'Connect to GMB'


3.Select the GMB Account and authorize BrightLocal to access your GMB Account so we can pull in reviews and let you reply to them


4. Select the GMB profile that you want to connect (some people have more than 1)


 Now your GMB profile is connected and you will be able to:

1. Get new reviews pulled in every day + get alerts (once a day) for new reviews

2. Reply directly to Google reviews 

To change your GMB listing across the other reports follow these steps.

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