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How does Kiosk Mode work?

Usman Barki -


Kiosk Mode offers a way for businesses to get feedback and reviews from customers wherever they interact with them.

Kiosk Mode provides businesses with an online review page (i.e. a static URL) that businesses can give to customers or load on a browser on a PC/tablet/mobile device or include on business cards.

Kiosk Mode Links/Webpages

Kiosk links are presented within Reputation Manager, in the Get Reviews section.

Get Kiosk Mode Link

We provide a short URL link (via Bitly) but you can grab the actual, long-form URL directly from the Kiosk Mode page by loading it in your browser.

Kiosk Mode Link - Short URL

These URLs are hosted on a separate domain to BrightLocal - www.customfeedback.com

Example link: https://www.customfeedback.com/kiosk/d8d70116e0ea2423a27f2de7809b1423061884b8

All Kiosk Mode pages can be customized with the business's colors and logo.

Two Steps for Customers

Online Feedback

When customers visit this webpage they can leave feedback, and are asked to score the business between 0 and 10 based on how likely are they to recommend the business to others (NPS).

Kiosk Mode - Rating page

Customers also provide their name and email so businesses know who the feedback is from, and can contact them if they wish.

Kiosk Mode - Feedback page

Review Request Email

Once customers have left their feedback, they receive an email asking them to share their experience by writing a public review on the 3rd-party review sites that the business has pre-selected.

Emails are sent one hour after feedback is given.

Kiosk Mode - Feedback email

Customers then have the option to copy their feedback and paste it on any of the review sites that the business has chosen - making the process easier for them.

If the business has chosen to offer a voucher code to customers who gave them a negative score, then those customers will see the code in this email.

Viewing Customer Feedback

All feedback, NPS scores and ‘review links clicked’ can be viewed within the Get Reviews section of Reputation Manager in your BrightLocal account.

Get Reviews - Overview

You can click on the ‘View’ button next to the campaign to see individual feedback from customers, the score they gave, and which review site links they clicked in the email.

Get Reviews - Individual Campaign

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