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How does Link Mode work?

Usman Barki -


Link Mode is a short 4 step process.

1. Scoring the business

When customers visit Link Mode, they are asked to score the business between 0 - 10 based on how likely they are to recommend the business to others (NPS).


2. Entering feedback

Customers explain their experiences using the business, and share their feedback why they would or wouldn’t recommend the business to others.


3. Entering contact details

Customers also provide their name and email address so that businesses can validate the feedback as authentic, and contact the customers if they wish.


4. Leaving a review

Once customers have left their feedback, they are asked to share their experience by writing a public review on the 3rd-party review sites that have been pre-selected by the business.


If the business has chosen to offer a voucher code to customers who gave them a negative score, then those customers receive the code in this step.


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