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What do the numbers and letters represent in the Rankings Table in my Rank Checker report?

Helen Barnes -


The Rankings Table displays all keywords that are being monitored in the report and displays their ranking for each search engine.

We will now explain what each column on the chart displays and how to understand it. 

‘Star icon’ column: If you have priority keywords that you would like to focus on, you can ‘star’ them which means they always display at the top of the Rankings Table. 

‘Keyword’ column: This displays all keywords that are being monitored in the report. We display the keywords in order of their ranking, with the highest-ranking keywords at the top of the report. You can sort the keywords alphabetically by clicking on the column heading.

‘Count’ columnCount’ refers to the Keyword Query Count, and this column displays the average number of times people search Google for this exact keyword and from this location per month. We get this data from Google Adwords and update this figure every 60 - 90 days.

The higher the count, the more times the keyword has been searched for, and (potentially) the more value it has to you; more searches = more opportunities to reach customers.

Note: This feature is only available on our SEO Pro subscription plan. 

Search engine columns: You’ll see a column for each search engine that has been selected in the report’s settings.

Under each column are subsections for ‘Rank’, ‘Change’ and ‘Type’:

‘Rank’ column: This shows where the keyword ranks on this search engine. A keyword may rank more than one time so you may see more than one ranking position here.

Note - we monitor the top 50 ranking results on each search engine.

We use several symbols and numbers to help you identify the ranking:

Letters: If you see A, B, C, or D, etc, this means that we found your business displayed in the Local Pack on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Numbers: If you see a number then this is the overall ranking position on the search engine. 

See below to find out how we calculate your ranking when there are local pack and organic results.

‘Change’ column: This displays whether the keyword has changed ranking position since the last time the report was run. There are several symbols we use here: 

  • Grey circle - no change in ranking position
  • Blue plus - new ranking for keyword found
  • Green number with ‘up’ arrow - keyword has gone up in rankings by a given number of positions
  • Red number with ‘down’ arrow - keyword has gone down in rankings by a given number of positions 

Here is a breakdown of other information you may see in the rankings table:

Loc: These are ‘local’ results (e.g. Local Pack) that appear in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. To appear in these results a business needs to have a local listing on a search engine - e.g. Google My Business, Bing Places.

Org: These are organic ranking results for the URL (website address) that you provided.

3rd: These are search results that mention your business name but aren't your website. Typically these results display for brand-name searches for a business; if a business has a listing on a 3rd party site (e.g. Yelp.com, Facebook) then their Yelp or Facebook listing will appear in the search results on Google. We are able to identify these rankings by scanning the results for the business name.

Car: These are ‘carousel’ type results which can appear at the top of Google for certain types of searches - most commonly universities, theatres, museums, attractions, and other public arts and leisure searches. These results do not contain a website URL and can only be matched by business name.

How we calculate rankings 

In the above example of a search result, we have outlined what each number/letter would mean in the Rankings Table. If the organic results in the example were above the local results then the local result at 3C would then be 5C, as it is then the 5th result on the page and the third in the local pack. This is because we track positions of local results within the local pack, as well as the overall ranking position on the page. So you should see a letter next to all local results from both Google and Bing.

For instance, if you see a number ‘5’ followed by letter ‘C’, this means that your website is in 5th position on the page and in 3rd position (‘C’) in the local pack itself.

For example: 

We don’t currently have this tracking for Yahoo - just Google and Bing. This only applies to the results in the main search engines, not the Maps or Local versions.

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