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Why is indexing citations important and how can I get Google to do it faster?

Helen Barnes -


What does ‘indexing’ mean?

Google indexes websites and web pages so that it can audit them to return relevant results to search users.

Imagine an index in a book. It lists all the sections of the book so that we can jump to the section we’re interested in.

Google indexes the web to make it easy for us to find what we’re looking for.

Why is it important to get citations indexed?

When Google indexes a web page, it becomes aware of that page and the content on it. Businesses need Google to be aware of their citations so that they can have an impact on SEO and help to boost local rankings.

If Google isn’t aware of citations then they won’t have an impact on ranking.

How can I get citations indexed faster?

Our citation-building experts use a few tactics that help to get the citations we create indexed faster by Google. Here are some that we recommend:

1. Create a page on your website and add links to all your citations on this page, then submit this page to the ‘Fetch as Google’ service within Google Search Console to prompt them to crawl that page.

2. Create a post on Reddit or Quora that contains a list of your citations. Google crawls these two sites very regularly so they'll find and follow the links to your citations.

3. Submit each of your citation listing URLS to a third-party pinging service (e.g. Pingomatic or PingBomb). This is quick, easy and free to do.

4.Submit your citation links to a link-indexing service such as Indexification.

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