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Managing your citations in Citation Tracker report

Myles Anderson -


You might find in your Citation Tracker report that some citations are for a different business (i.e. not your business) or that a citation you know you have is missing.

Why does this happen? Please read this FAQ to find out how we find and validation citations.

Adding citations to Citation Tracker reports?

You can add missing citations to your report; you can do this 1 by 1 or in bulk using CSV import.


Updating/swapping citations on Citation Tracker reports?

You can update/swap a citation by clicking on the 'pen' icon next to each citation.


Removing citations from Citation Tracker reports?

You can remove citations using the Delete option in the dropdown box.

Doing this removes this citation from your report and puts it into a blacklist. When you re-run your report this same citation won't appear again because it is blacklisted.

But if we find a different citation on the same site it may be returned on your report. It is the specific citation page that we blacklist, not the whole site.



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