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How does Citation Builder handle telephone verification when I submit business data?

Helen Barnes -


We don't handle telephone verifications for citation sites that require it (there are just 6 sites in our database that require phone verification).

This is because phone verification requires the co-ordination between BrightLocal and the business/client to organise phone calls and share verification codes. This requires BrightLocal to have direct contact with the business/client to make it work smoothly, and a lot of our Agency customers prefer for us to operate as an invisible partner in the background.

So we take care of the submission up to the point that phone verification is needed (i.e. we create an account on the site and submit business details). We set everything up for the phone verification step to occur and pass on the details for the customer to complete the actual phone verification step themselves. We put all these details in the 'notes' next to the citation site in the Citation Builder campaign report.

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