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Can I have a list of directories and citation sites you list on?

Helen Barnes -


We submit and update on approximately 1400 citation sites.

This covers the 10 countries that Citation Builder works in, and the many industries and towns/cities within those countries.

We don't hand out the full list of sites that we work with (we spend a lot of time and effort creating and keeping this list up to date, so it's commercially precious to us).

If you want to find out which sites we submit to for specific industries or locations, please contact our Customer Success Team and they'll provide that data for you.

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    Elizabeth C Crow

    Hi, you can understand why a person would ask to see the list. I am comparing BrightLocal to my existing service and I have a list of the directories my company is in. I want to be sure that BrightLocal covers most of the same - especially the important ones to me. I do not see Bing My Business page listed in the short list you shared. Is it included? During the trial, will I be able to see the directories so I can choose NOT to be included in one of it is not a good place for my business?