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Can I use my own list of preferred citation sites in Citation Builder?

Helen Barnes -


We closely manage our citation list     

We have worked hard to put together a list of over 1400 citation sites that we can submit to and on which we can update business data. We have a team of citation researchers who constantly review the sites we work with, to ensure they are fully functional and find new sites to include in our database.

We have a strict set of criteria that we apply to these sites; we do this to ensure that all the sites we submit to add genuine value to your local SEO.

When you set up a Citation Builder campaign, at Step 2 of the setup process we will filter our database to only return sites that are relevant for the business and location. We filter out sites that do not cover the industry or the town/city the business is located in. 

At this point, you will be able to pick the required number of sites for your campaign from this selection.

Using your own site list

You are not able to upload your own list of sites into your BrightLocal account. However, you can request that we add new sites to our database.

You can do this by contacting our Customer Success team via the “Contact Us” page mentioning the sites you'd like us to add.

Our citation research team will review these sites to determine if we are able to submit to them and update data on them. They will check the quality and speed of the site; they also complete a test submission to determine how long it takes for the listing to go live and if the site's editorial team are helpful and responsive to emails.

It typically takes us 5-7 days to determine if a site is usable before we add it to our database - so please be patient while we do a thorough check of the site.


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