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Can I buy extra citations for an existing Citation Builder campaign?

Helen Barnes -


Yes, you can purchase more citations for existing Citation Builder campaigns. We have many agency customers who purchase additional citations every month for their clients.

We don't allow customers to purchase more citations while their existing is campaign is 'In Progress'. We do this to avoid confusion between which sites are being actively used in the campaign.

Once a campaign has finished being actively worked on and has passed to 'QA & Review' or 'Complete' stage, then additional citations can be purchased.

'Buy More' Button

On the Citation Builder overview page and on the campaign report page you will see a 'Buy More' button. Clicking this takes you to Step 2 of the Citation Builder campaign setup process. There you can define how many more citations you want and hand-pick the sites.

You can also see which sites were used in your previous campaign(s), so you know not to add those again, but if you want to update some of those sites, you can select them again.

On Step 3 of the Citation Builder campaign setup process, you can confirm the business data you want submitted and complete payment.

Citation Builder Campaign Report

We add the new sites you selected to the same report that you had for the previous campaign(s) so you can see all the sites and information on one page.

We also reuse the same email address and login/password details on the additional sites to keep it as consistent and simple for customers to access those sites, should they need to.

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