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How much does CitationBurst cost?

Mathew Coghlan -


Citation Burst is our citation building service which you can use to create new citations, update existing citations and also submit to data aggregators.

To use Citation Burst you don't need to have an active, recurring subscription to BrightLocal's reporting and reputation management tools 

You can just purchase Citations on their own, through your BrightLocal account.

Buying Citations

There are 2 ways for you to purchase Citations.

1. Pay per campaign

You need to set-up a citation campaign for a business and select how many citation sites you want us to update or create citations on.

You can order citations in the following amounts: 10, 15, 25, 30, 50, 75 & 100

The cost is US$3 per citation site. So if you order 25 citations = 25 x $3 = $75

  • This is a 1-off cost; there is no recurring cost
  • If you want to buy more citations for the business you can do this whenever you want and you just pay for what you buy ($3 per site again)


What if I have more than one location?

You can purchase one campaign per location. If you have 5 locations the cost works out like this:

  • 5 locations x 25 citations = 125 citations x $3 = $375


2. Bulk submission credits (Ideal for Agencies)

If you know that you want to do lots of submissions for multiple client or locations we advise that you buy bulk submission credits.

These can be bought in blocks of 500, 1000 or 2000 credits, at a cost of $2 per submission (33% saving)

  • 1 credit = 1 citation site (so if we submit to 25 sites = 25 credits)

These credits can be used across as many clients and campaigns as you need; they don't expire so you can use them whenever you need them. 

Price modelling for bulk credits

If you have 10 locations and want 50 citations for each location:

  • 10 locations x 50 citations = 500 citations x $2 = $1000

NB - Citation Building credits can't be transferred to use on our reports/reputation software.

Price Comparison

How does BrightLocal's cost compare to other citation services? 



Moz Whitespark Synup
Manual Submissions





Data Aggregators





Cost for Full Network  n/a  $499/year n/a 




For more details on how we compare to other citation building services please read this blog post https://www.brightlocal.com/2014/05/27/mozlocal-vs-yext-vs-ubl-vs-brightlocal-vs-whitspark/

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