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Where can I find the login details for listings created in my Citation Builder campaign?

Helen Barnes -


When our submission agents start working on the Citation Builder campaign, one of the first things they’ll do is create a dedicated email account, which is then used for registration purposes on most citation sites. We create a unique email address for every manual submission campaign we work on - we don't create this for aggregator campaigns because we don't need to verify listings via email.

You can find this on your Citation Builder campaign under 'Login/Password' button:


When you click on the ‘Login/Password’ button a pop-up window will appear with login information:


Most directories will require both the email and password, however, some may use the username instead, so we have added that here too.

We also added the URL, where clients can access the mailbox using the same credentials.

We will use these credentials for the majority of the citation sites throughout the campaign. If a specific site requires a unique or specific email address (e.g. Bing will require a Microsoft email address) - we will add it to the notes section next to the citation in question.

Here is an example of the notes icon:


To view the notes you can either hover above the symbol or click on it to see the pop-up message:


These notes will contain information about the details that we have updated, additional/unique credentials, an issue that we have encountered, and so on.

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